Tarp Shark
Bite into a tarp!  
The Tarp Shark™ is a whimsical product for a rather mundane (but important) task- connecting a tie down to a tarp for covering and transporting cargo. 

One day in the studio of USA Products Group, Inc.,  I was working on a better tarp clip.  When working on the "jaws" business end, I noticed how much it reminded me of shark jaws.  I went with it!  I extended the twist knob (making it more ergonomic while also looking like a savage shark fin!), shaped the tail fin and spec'd grey nylon (Nylon 6,6- these little guys are tough).  The development of the Tarp Shark made it not only stand out against the sea of existing black tarp clips, but function better than them as well. 
This is a common tarp clip.  Functional, albeit a bit mundane. 
CAD model I constructed in Solidworks.
Here's an image taken from the process of performance testing.  Our team does rigorous testing to ensure maximum effectiveness. 
The Tarp Shark is available at Home Depot (250k+ units sold in 2011, more in 2012) and online at  www.tailgatertiedowns.com 
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